10+ Different Classes

Dancify supports

various styles of dance classes from different instructor. choose your favorite dance style from 10+ different dance styles and start learning it.

Class features

  • Better coordination, agility and flexibility
  • Improved balance and spatial awareness
  • Increased physical confidence

Best Instructors

Learn from the best

Learn the best from the best. we have different dance instructor for different dance styles, that are best in his dance styles. our instructors are highly skilled and also done lots of Big competitions, Events and Reality show. they are best in his field.

Why? Our Instructors

  • Different dance styles
  • Professional and high level skills
  • Deep knowledge of every dance forms

We Are Open 24/7

1st time in INDIA

First time in INDIA we DreamerZz Dance Studio open 24 hour and 7 days in a week. so don’t worry about the timings and days if you passionate about Dancing then we welcome you at any time and any day.


  • Feel free to come at any time
  • 24 hour 7 days classes available
  • 24 hour support available

Kids, Adults & Seniors

Dance classes for

We provide various dance classes depends on the age group . we welcome any age level but minimum criteria is 3 years. after that any age level welcome. we divide several age groups in batches like Kids, Adult & Seniors. Age is just a number, don’t count, enjoy every movement.

Class features

  • Specific Dance classes for Kids
  • Specific Dance classes for Adults
  • Specific Dance classes for seniors

We Are Safe From COVID-19

Come and have fun

The studio is protected from the COVID-19. we follow each and every tiny steps to make our studio safe. We follow all the COVID-19 guidelines in our studio and we strictly order to follow these guidelines to our staff, instructors and students also.

COVID-19 Precautions

  • We sanitize our studio Every day
  • We follow social distancing
  • Our studio staff and instructors are fully vaccinated
  • Our studio is equipped with air purifier
  • Face mask is mandatory

Professional Grade Sound & Flooring

We know the profession with Perfection

Our client list is drawn from the competitive world of stand-up comedy and our boutique, focused company works closely with them to develop talents learned on the circuit into the skills needed.

We Are Professional

  • Profession Grade Electro-Voice Sound system which delivers the high quality music
  • Premium Sprung flooring which provide the high quality durability and helps in Dancing Movements.
  • Fully Air-conditioned & air purified hall

We try to teach as often as possible



All Ages
7 / 7

Hip Hop

Adult / Intermediate
7 / 7

Kids Dance

Above 3 Years
3 / 7


Teen / Adult
5 / 7


Teen / Adults
3 / 7